Duff's Castle
Duff's Castle by duff-miver
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H217 Rep. 470
#13   19 Jan 2013
Looks great!
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jester unregistered
#12   19 Jun 2001
brilliant 2 on 2 map - cant wait for ur next 1
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Grolley's Mate unregistered
#11   11 May 2001
You'd have to try hard to beat this first attempt
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duff-miver unregistered
#10   01 May 2001
I totally agree!
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[REAL]sl1m-sh4d3y unregistered
#9   17 Apr 2001
Weapon balance is perfect IMHO. Not too pretty, but that's forgivable for a first map.

Lovely vertical gameplay. Reminds me a little of q3tourney4, one of my all-time favourites.

Rocket-jumping from tower to tower and railing losers on the ground while in mid air is fun.

Can anybody else rj from one tower to the diagonally opposite one?

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JB unregistered
#8   11 Apr 2001
simple but effective!
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duff-miver unregistered
#7   11 Apr 2001
It was my very first map, and admittedly it doesn't look all that, but it should play fast and it's good for 1v1.
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Jester unregistered
#6   09 Apr 2001
OMG! u people need to get out more! who cares where it's supposed to be? just play the bloody thing! good 1v1 map btw...
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jedi-jester unregistered
#5   07 Apr 2001
I don't think this map is in the desert, in fact I think it's just an ordinary old castle, that just happens to be floating in space. Perhaps it'll land in the desert sometime. As for duff, you can't talk to him cos he's travelling around the world for a year.

It runs fast on my computer and it's good for tourney

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#4   07 Apr 2001

What the tupe of these map.

is itin the desert.

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jedi-floater unregistered
#3   06 Apr 2001
Well I think it's pretty good, and it's in space after dessert, and after-eights. A good 1v1 map with good weapon balance.
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ugh? unregistered
#2   06 Apr 2001
Does it matter that much?

If so...You can think it is at dessert night, in planet earth, witch is floating in the space. :)

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#1   06 Apr 2001
These map was in space or at desert night?
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