Iron Lady
Iron Lady by Munyul Verminard
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Munyul unregistered
#7   09 Mar 2001
ps. Thanks everyone for all your comments.
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ZNMS unregistered
#6   02 Mar 2001
Small map, small download. Great gameplay. Well worth it.
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AID VII unregistered
#5   01 Mar 2001
So small, so tight, so good. Download it now.

For Fool: While playing I have seen Uriel take the yellow armor. Twice in one match.

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Appalling. unregistered
#4   24 Feb 2001
looks like some random blocks slapped around in a hope of getting something that works. Most of the stairs are useless because you can jump 64 unit high walls.. I don't care if it is your first map or not, stuff like this should never be released.
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FooL unregistered
#3   23 Feb 2001
I'm stuck with some crappy 56k dial-up so I only play with bots. That said...this level rocks. (for bots, like I said.) I could see where it would have some serious downers with a good human player in here. (I could totally kick my ass ;-) Anyway, A couple of issues on an otherwise perfect map.

1)Bots don't go for yellow armor. Which is kind of wierd because I've seen them get on the platform.

2)Take out either plasma and lightning gun. Replace them with grenades and shotgun. I have to agree with earlier comments. Too much power for this small of a level.

This would have made a perfect rocket/rail/shotgun level. Maybe some grenades to throw around when you lose the other player.

Overall I gave it a 9 for bot play.

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Niptlar unregistered
#2   21 Feb 2001
Hmm, level control on here is pretty pointless (all weapons are powerful, not much armor/health); it is more of a shootout than anything else.
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hannibal unregistered
#1   20 Feb 2001
This little puppy is quite fun.
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