Skeet Rip
Skeet Rip by Casey
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Fallen'Angel_V1 unregistered
#4   02 Feb 2001
Cool deal!!!

The Atari days are gone to rest, long live Quake Hunt!

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Casey unregistered
#3   15 Jan 2001

It does work for multiplayer if you load it in CTF mode.

I play against my room-mate sometimes. We load up one bot on red team, and both join the blue team. Then it's always a race for us to see who can shoot the bot first. Tons of fun.

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DarkAngel_V1 unregistered
#2   11 Jan 2001
All I can say is this has got to be the coolest idea I've ever seen. One suggjestion make work under multiplayer so you Can compete with you buddies.

Realy Good Idea.....


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schnee unregistered
#1   09 Jan 2001
This is the funniest damn map I think I've come across. Seeing bot after bot shot out of cannons for your railing fun is just TOO funny.

One question Casey, the ones launching directly out from the platform are dead upon shooting. Is this meant to be there, i.e. a distraction?

BTW the best I got was 6 hits in a row. Mind you, that's not six bots in a row, but six shots - and yes, I went for ones on a few different trajectories ;)

Good one dude.

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