Space Ziggurat
Space Ziggurat by Foebane
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raspatan Rep. 4054
#7   04 Jul 2020
There is nothing good about this map. Narrow corridors, too much water (which is not good for bots), you can walk over the pyramid surface (so what is the point of jumpads?), too many powerups. Awful in every sense.
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BludShoT unregistered
#6   22 May 2001
The review doesn't mention that you can see through parts of the pyramid on the edges at the top and also just about the outer walkways. Cool map! I especially love fighting on the sides of the pyramid, sorta sideways DM. Inspires me to make a whole map on an angle.
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Foebane unregistered
#5   31 Dec 2000
Sorry Al, but I finished SZ absolutely months ago as a final release, and I really don't feel like going back and changing it now, not after hundreds of ppl have already played it to death :)

Don't worry I don't 'throw away' maps I make - I've kept every one I've made since the Doom days.

I asked about changing the items in amfq3dm2 and I was pointed to a mod by someone called D!ablo, which should make the changes to SZ as you suggested.

It's at:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Happy new year to you anyway m8, and to everyone at Lvl and PQ :)

If I make a new map for Q3A I will very likely release it as a beta first at Lvl :)

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Al Gecko unregistered
#4   31 Dec 2000
What I wrote wasn't meant ironically! I really like the way Your maps look! It's amatter of taste: there are two kinds of maps, I prefer: the rotten-organic-little-brick kind -the clean-shiny-expensive-ultranew kind of map. I love the way You are using colors! The mixture of elements. There is something in Your maps, that's looking sharp as an razors edge, combined with something organic... -it just looks beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Most important: All this is an own unique style!

Don't throw away this map! Make those little corrections to 'Space Ziggurat'! Please!

(And make the glas above the water just a little bit colored.)

I'd love to have 'Space Ziggurat' on my harddisc for a very long while as a small dm or (more interesting to me) as a tourney-map.

Repair this one! It's worth the effort. Don't throw it away. Without those few corrections (items) this map is rather useless / with a those corrections it is a little jewel!

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Foebane unregistered
#3   30 Dec 2000
Ok, if I make any more maps I'll remember to do that.

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Al Gecko unregistered
#2   30 Dec 2000
Just... remove the megahealth and the suit -remove the red armor, too. Then place the haste on top of the pyramid (where the megahealth has been. There are other possibilities, but never place powerups that powerfull that near by each other.
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Al Gecko unregistered
#1   29 Dec 2000
I do remember Your maps. Especially the one with the big 'Faces'. (Why are they used that seldom?) Just remember one thing for Yourself: Gameplay. And You will be King. Nor Richard Lionheart or Arthur either, but.... maybe King Foebane! Take Your Inspiration as an option and fly on the wings of Your mind! I believe in You!
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