WhirlWind by Vexar
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#17   14 Jul 2011
Good experimental map. The fan of course, was the highlight.
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Le Max and his bullie Evita the PoorBull unregistered
#16   09 Apr 2008
Damn.....i'm waiting so bad for a Doom 4 or Quake 5.........ID you're the best !!!! Yes sir....Hi from Paris France......
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Vexar unregistered
#15   19 Mar 2001
Captain Chaos, thank you glad someone understands the point of what I try to do.

DeathMonger, ok I hear you, more details would be nice. Thanks for trying it.

Thank you to everyone else for the kind words, and the feedback.

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#14   09 Dec 2000
You? Not so much. I was just looking at the screenies for most of these levels (even mine) and thinking... where's the contrast?

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Vexar unregistered
#13   05 Dec 2000
I hear you brother, seems like the comunity is dying. Not for sure on this feeling, but with all the other games out there most of talent is spread pretty thin.

on lighting even me? LOL :-)

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#12   03 Dec 2000

I'm starting to get bored with Q3A editing (even though I haven't released anything for close to a year).

All the levels are starting to look the same.

Hardly anybody (read: only Meat & Nunuk) are even trying to do a good job of lighting these things.

Everybody else just uses the default lights and either their levels are washed out (like 90% of the Q3A levels) or they're too dark.


The Undiscovered Country.


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Vexar unregistered
#11   26 Nov 2000
Couple of errors below, sorry this board doesn't allow editing.

add the "a"

add the "us"

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Vexar unregistered
#10   26 Nov 2000
No all my maps so far are an attempt to put something out that hasn't been seen before. I've tried to make what I consider "normal" levels, not that much fun for me to make them.

I feel someone should be pushing the limit of what is done, and I've taken it upon myself to continue this pursuit. I personally never download a level unless it's attempting something different, and looks professional. That's what I try to give out. If you learn how to use the features in this level during game play you can dominate it. I also try to make level that I like, and my tastes differ from the norm.

Oh as for empire, "There will be no one to stop this time... ";-)


Website: <a href="www.planetquake.com/vexar" target="_blank">www.planetquake.com/vexar</a>

Mail to: vexar@pacbell.net

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#9   26 Nov 2000
Hey Vex, any chances of a map of yours not being an experiment?

BTW, how goes "The Empire" ;p

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Captain Chaos unregistered
#8   24 Nov 2000
Nice to see something different.
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Kayin unregistered
#7   19 Nov 2000
take out the blue stream and it'd make a decent 1-1'er imo.
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MewTMN unregistered
#6   18 Nov 2000
The blue stream produced by the fan was very distracting. I constantly found myself getting shot from bots below that I could hardly see. Architexture is top notch, but the gameplay just isn't there. 6/10
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Vexar unregistered
#5   17 Nov 2000
The level was an experinment, so I appreciate everyone noticing that I'm trying to do some different things with the editor.
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Deathmonger unregistered
#4   17 Nov 2000
Nice shity experimental map. Not even worthy of a 4 IMO.
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Sundown unregistered
#3   17 Nov 2000
Nice to see a strong effort at experimentation. However, its just not that fun to play, IMO.
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LiquidB.O.Y unregistered
#2   17 Nov 2000
WOOW! Beautiful lights!

Clever platforms!

Nice level man!

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pu§hy unregistered
#1   17 Nov 2000
well i have to agree w/ the review...that fan looks great but makes it hard to see the other players on the other side w/c is quite annoying since this map is only a circular...test tube looking thingy...sorry don't know the right word for it. bots play fine and have gets a lot of frags in a short amount of time since this is a small map.
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