Breakthru by <|3FG20K>
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gooball Rep. 1081
#4   12 Sep 2011
I almost put that Quake 3 Arena banner model in one of my maps as sort of an "easter egg". 7/10
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#3   30 Sep 2000
I tried this map in beta and yes, the textures are kinda glaring but shit....what a fun map!

Coolio BFG20K!

I hope all yer maps are as much fun to play as this one is.

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BFG20K unregistered
#2   30 Sep 2000
BOOO!!! THIS MAP SUCKS!!! Hehe, j/k

Well, the texturing i had a huge problem with because I couldn't find the right textures... I tried going for a base type texture level, but it looks really bland... I tried an organic texture set, but that really didn't fly... so I said, hey, what the hell... it's not the texturing that makes a level, otherwise nobody would've played q1! and then I just went berserk on the texturing =)

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weasel unregistered
#1   27 Sep 2000
nice job, good layout, but you went a little insane with the textures. A little more beta testing might have helped.
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