The Tower (2)
by dur
The Tower (2) by dur
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Scorpion Tank unregistered
#6   27 Oct 2011
not worth imo. 4/10 if i could vote
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C unregistered
#5   02 Aug 2000
Didn't run... Is the 2nd one running ?
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dur unregistered
#4   29 Jul 2000
On second look, that screen shot doesn't even have any entities in it...WTF? Why did he use that instead of my levelshot??? This is gonna hurt my download count, I bet :-)
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dur unregistered
#3   29 Jul 2000
That's not even the levelshot...I don't know why he used that.
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GIBBS unregistered
#2   27 Jul 2000
Blankman is right the screen shots for this level were ugly but once I got inside I found this level to be alot of fun playing with a couple of others guys made this level a blast. There was no way you could keep track of the other players locations so it made for some great surprise attacks. Frag On!
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blankman unregistered
#1   26 Jul 2000
the screenshot looks REALLY ugly
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