= Berserk =
by THS
= Berserk = by THS
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#7   30 Mar 2001
The skybos is from SiN i think so.
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Zarathustra unregistered
#6   30 Jun 2000
Oh, and I was just talking theoretically.

In truth, I cannot in good conscience vote this map with a single gameplay idea executed with about 50 brushes above some of these other ones where there are literally dozens if gameplay ideas packed into a single map. Also, by comparison to other maps here, this map is aesthetically a non-factor. There really aren't any aesthetics, and I'll bet the author would say the same thing.

So by "middle ground" I'm talking like a 3, 4, or a 5 for being clever, although I wonder whether its being clever or just being mischievous in submitting such a simplistic map.

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Zarathustra unregistered
#5   30 Jun 2000
Although your delivery is a bit rusty, I agree with you Xed -- for the most part.

But its hard to say what kind of vote to give something like this. Yeah, its great that something "different" was tried, but I still have a hard time voting this one up above all these other wonderful mammoth efforts by other really good authors.

It's an experiment. So no need to vote too low or too high. I guess there's no separate voting for this, so I just pick some middle ground.

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Xed unregistered
#4   30 Jun 2000
you guys are assholes...this was an experimental map that was just for fun...and it was fun. The author is very creative and willing to try new things, and you piss all over his map.
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Kornx unregistered
#3   26 Jun 2000
i must say. out of every single q3a level that i have ever played.... this is the worst
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SillyCone unregistered
#2   26 Jun 2000
Some people really have too much time in their hands, apparently...
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SW unregistered
#1   25 Jun 2000
Had much fun with this map... 32 nightmare skill bots for 3hours.... lot´s of frags and much more gibs. Hell yeah, this map rocks!!!
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