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The Crypt by Catalyst
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#4   03 Nov 2000
At least architecture is nice and well proportionend here. But why no health? You alway feel like dying a slow death because you even lose health when using the acceleration ramps. Lightning and textures are ok, but the fog at the seeling looks unreal.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#3   07 Jun 2000
was it just me or did i NOT see any health in the entire map. geez what a BIG mistake, this map blows plain and simple...
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Steinecke unregistered
#2   06 Jun 2000
Botplay completely destroyed by jumpads. Interesting: Fog turned into smoke. Average gothik look. Nothing special.
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MEet-CEes unregistered
#1   06 Jun 2000
this isnt the Crypt from fileplanet that Crypt is better.this one i played once then delete.
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