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Chunky Kibbles! Rep. 217
#6   03 Dec 2016
Sixteen years later, most computers have gotten much faster as has bandwidth. I had no problems whatsoever downloading and playing this map. I always play with the music turned off in the game so that's not an issue. Is this the greatest map ever? Not by any means, but it does have some interesting ideas. I really love where the MH is hidden, it's a great touch. :)
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Wind @ My Butt unregistered
#5   04 Jun 2000
It's rare that I like to listen to music coming from my stereo while fragging let alone coming from within the game!! Map gets a 0 for bandwidth oppression
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Steinecke unregistered
#4   04 Jun 2000
Zero. -Because I'm not MTV.
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rockN79 unregistered
#3   04 Jun 2000
Yeah, please do release a no-music-file version...
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(o Y o) unregistered
#2   04 Jun 2000
no thanks, i still can't get broadband in my area
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RiO unregistered
#1   04 Jun 2000
Iguana, when a musicless version comes out, I will be happy to actually download it.
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