MarioTowers by Madmardagan
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MarioFan899 unregistered
#6   09 Mar 2011
What has this to do with mario? ><
0 points from me
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REEsE unregistered
#5   19 Jun 2010
Does this have ANYthing to do with mario at all? Maybe this is for something different using simply the name?
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SW12 unregistered
#4   11 Jun 2010
DUDE- What is your PROBLEM???!

just explain.

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MEet-CEes unregistered
#3   21 May 2000
theres no mariokart64 map that would play good. so why waste mapping talent ? i seen one conversion of a console game. can you guess which game/map?

golden eye! that map wasnt scaled right to size with the q3 models but it was way better then any mario[/yoshibeta]dm. why dont mappers convert maybe a q2 psx/n64 map????? i own the psx version and those maps are ok Xspecially hydrophobia , the shaft , etc etc! if a mapper made these maps youll all sure.

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not entered unregistered
#2   20 May 2000
Didn't come up in skirmish menu, or even when using the console.

Ah! That's right, didn't think it worth the download.

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SiC-deth unregistered
#1   20 May 2000
anyone who notices my old name SiCdeth on the comments, i am adding the "-" for no reason really

well, i cant beleive he actually tried to make a conversion of this mario kart stage into a good q3 map, it just sucks, nothing to explain, just that if u didnt download it yet, dont. unless u like downloading crappy maps and laugh at their wretchedness


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