Beyond Infinite
Beyond Infinite by keditok
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#3   12 Aug 2000
Ok I'm going to stick my neck out here and say I really enjoyed playing this one! Sure it's a weird mix of styles, but then so is The Camping Grounds, so who cares? We're not going for gritty everyday realism in this game are we? It plays nice and fast, you get to blaze away with a BFG, the lava bit, although anachronistic in what turns out to be a space map, is pretty cool - so what the hell, load it up and enjoy it. This map is FUN, and surely that's what Q3 should be all about! Only gripe would be that some of the edges on the "top floor" are not very obvious, so sometimes you find yourself plummeting to a ghastly demise when you didn't even think you were near the edge... The RRROOOAAARRR Politburo gives this worker's paradise:


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OO7MIKE unregistered
#2   14 Apr 2000
When i first fired it up it looked strange. Then i saw A rocked pod. Interesting.Then i notice that the textures just seemed to be all about how flashy can i look. It was all the coolest looking textures everywhere. And it looked bad. Dispite that i moved on and found that This level looked like my first attept at the Unreal Editor.(u know animated water textures on the walls. It was cool but it said novice all over it.) Then i thought that Keditok was going for illusion. Who knows? It plays bad and now i know why the auther didnt put preselected bots in the level start up. 2/10 He tried and failed..but the rocket pod was cool.
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#1   09 Apr 2000
Now I now what they meen with chaotic adventure in mapping it was as if I was playing more games than 1 at one time I'm in a space level the other in a lava gothic pit than industrial it almost made me nuts!! but that's something new and refreshing found a health beam but also a beam that takes away your life why???I don't want to die but not bad just to chaotic7
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