The Even Longer Yard
The Even Longer Yard by LedMan
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#12   20 Mar 2021
liked the attempt at the cosmetic changes but the flag platforms are too small and there is only 1 set of pads onto and off of this platform. spawn location near plasma too close, not enough spawn locations and poorly placed. the dm17 item placement could also have been better tweaked for this idea.
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good for a first time unregistered
#11   25 Jun 2003
good for a first time
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not entered unregistered
#10   04 May 2000
as crappy and stupid as the textures are, i found the map pretty fun to play actually. playability beats pretty textures everytime...
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not entered unregistered
#9   24 Apr 2000
this map is supreme
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not entered unregistered
#8   20 Feb 2000
Causes me to Crash back to Windows... Other maps are fine...
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Puck-i unregistered
#7   18 Feb 2000
plays consistant but author needs to add more team spawn point to many telefrags
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Lelon unregistered
#6   13 Jan 2000

Playing this map causes my q3 to crash while it boots up, so it gets a 0 from me, but I really hope the author fixes this i like the idea of ctf space

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Dr Qube unregistered
#5   05 Jan 2000
Ok... I've had ideas about CTF on dm17 ... and really the only reason I haven't done it is because I thought I'd get flamed... But OHG... why chenge the textures... and ....oh just crap.
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etweaker unregistered
#4   05 Jan 2000
Not much new about it, but was a new way of playing a map as a CTF. I didn't mind the texture change as much as others have.
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Toolshed unregistered
#3   04 Jan 2000
I think the map would have been much better if the mapper didnt change the textures.

Overall now the map is just alot darker and looks really bad with textures that are completely outta place, and again.. its just too dark compared to the original q3dm17.

CTF tho would be interesting, If I could actually get used to the nasty textures.

just my 0.02

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Triga -mappa unregistered
#2   04 Jan 2000
You should create your own maps froom scratch. If their crap don't send em in. You will get ones that you like enough to submit them.
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JUNKY unregistered
#1   04 Jan 2000
Hmm.... well..... maybe you should find a new hobby?
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