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Slacker's Rail Arena by Slacker
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matei unregistered
#8   22 Jul 2001
this map aint to bad.i have it but if i were u i wouldn´t waste my time downloading it.

but as i was saing it´s not a bad map.

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VV0Lf unregistered
#7   18 Apr 2001
Never stand still! Simplicity at its best and an awesome map 10/10. Best with at least 4 players and very fast play.
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#6   11 Aug 2000
Oooh, this is real heart-in-your-mouth oh-shit-I'm-going-to-die mania, and as such, highly recommended! You have to keep ducking and diving EVERY second, or you'll end up as a corpuscular stain... I had a great time on this. Load up with Xaero and Doom for major-league paranoia, and a great aerobic workout for your model!


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Slacker unregistered
#5   09 May 2000
This map sucks! Just kidding - it was a big hit at work on our LAN games, only because we're a bunch of railing fools. Now that I know what I'm doing with q3r a little more (and have noticed that there's more than 2 textures) I'll remake this map into something better looking and more playable =)
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vader unregistered
#4   02 May 2000
AWESOME! this map is ultra fast and wide open, an intense game 1v1 and ultra intense with more players. You need to jump around like a jackrabbit on crack to survive more than three seconds.
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By-Tor unregistered
#3   05 Apr 2000
I enjoyed the "King of the Mountain" aspect employed on the upper platform.

Nothing seems to piss off a bot faster than your arrival up there.

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Dagwit unregistered
#2   01 Apr 2000
'Not teribly entertaining for anything other than practising your long distance railing': but then, my long distance railing needs a lot of practice, so I'm a regular visitor to this map. Incidentally, my short distance railing gets a workout too.
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Rokscott unregistered
#1   01 Apr 2000
Not quite bad enough for Crankey Steve's but you could always remake it with some flashing disco lights ;-)


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