Alta Vista Revenge
Alta Vista Revenge by DOOMer
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#4   18 Mar 2021
A missed opportunity! The design is very basic but gameplay in tourney can be super intensive due to the open nature of the layout, plus the good use of teleports (the map is too small for FAA, but if you love carnage, there you have).
The big drawback is in the item selection and location. Weapon choice is odd (no machine gun). The map is calling for GL! Also, you can get the RG (a dominant weapon here) + RA + MH in 5 seconds. Quad is also too much for this small map. MH or RA there would have been better, plus other changes in that respect. Regarding the lava, well, it's ok but perhaps better would have been an accessible floor with some important item over there, like RL.
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QUAKE 3NF0RC3R unregistered
#3   08 Aug 2010
How did he get the lava to look like this?! It looks AWESOME! perfect for Quake & Quake 2!!
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sw12 unregistered
#2   08 Jun 2010
That lava texture looks like slime only with red & Black.
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Amon Amonovich unregistered
#1   01 Jul 2007
nice :)
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