CannonFodder's Revenge
CannonFodder's Revenge by johnboy
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dirtyfoggy unregistered
#10   10 Jun 2003
well said kanga, i forgive you. good thing alota people get jb,s maps from his website in 2 easy downloads. @ - ty for following up on your review. it shows that u care what people think. as most of us do. hope to see u on the server soon. btw vsn we all bitches, get used to it :)))
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kangajoo unregistered
#9   02 Jun 2003
ok ok, i was wrong. yes, i admit it, i had a chance to play on jb's server, with this map loaded up, and i really did enjoy it with actually people in the map. im new to the review thing, so im liable to make mistakes, screw ups, and all around jack-azz reviews. we all gotta learn somehow (mostly the hard way). maybe i didnt like the map at first 'caus i wish i could map that good? most likely. anyway, i had no intentions of hostility towards anyone, including jb, so forgive and forget, or just keep raggin on me... 'caus you know, im just a n00b. peace.
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vsnprintf unregistered
#8   24 May 2003
I like this map. The fact that the texture colors are a bit loud is a nice change from the typical future-goth-alien theme that seems to dominate most maps. The "Prince-of-Darkness" teleporters are hilarious. It's kinda like a bad dream that you actually enjoyed from eating, caused from eating too much pizza before bed. I don't think that this is JB's best map; his "Space" map is prolly my fav; hilarity insues on that one. His "Flashback" map is Satan's personal disco. CannonFodder is probably best for 4-8 players, not is tight as other JB maps for less player. I play at JB's server very often; he and his maps have a good sense of humor, and so do most of the players there. Not too many "i own ju" types stay long. Sometimes the quest for "cool" ruins the fun. You should stop by, we have a really good time there it's my fav srvr with my fav maps. BTW: hey froggy, stop calling me "bitch" already :)
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Octovus unregistered
#7   15 May 2003
Tsk, tsk. Be nice, boys...
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dirtyFoggy unregistered
#6   15 May 2003
wow, i can,t imagine how you can judge game-play. only playing the map with bots. they are too predictable, if you try it with live friends (if u have any, kanga) is a much better way to try new maps. as for the map bashing u gave this map, i'm supprised anyone has d/loaded it at all. as are most of this authors maps, i think they all play well,and look great. i dont like boring, bland, 3texture maps. i dont know many people that do, well apparently bots and kanga do :) if you like good gameplay and fun maps to play grab this 1 and play it with some friends. im looking forward to playing and seeing jb's next map, as well as playing this 1 many more times. keep up the awesome work jb. see u on line to play fun non boring maps
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kangajoo unregistered
#5   26 Apr 2003
hey hey, dont kill the messenger, tig did not have to post this review. i personally did not enjoy the map, although i am sorry that it came out harsh. i apologize to the author, but i still didnt really dig the map :(
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biZatch unregistered
#4   25 Apr 2003
lol! i like how tig felt the need to comment after seeing this kajagoogoo's (or however you spell it :-]) idiotic remarks.

decent map, worth a look.

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StormShadow unregistered
#3   24 Apr 2003
Wow. Harsh review. Pretty good map, imo - i didnt like the texturing especially (although it wasnt bad), but i thought it played pretty well, nice layout and flow. I didnt like RL location, and i thought it had one too many teleports (2 right in the rl area) and the pu was a bit tough to grab in osp/vq3, but other than that, the map is solid. Awsome sky too.

Certainly worth a look at least.


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Mr. Deisel unregistered
#2   24 Apr 2003
I agree with Freak on this one. I think the reviewer is full of crap! There is nothing gaudy about it. This map, like all of his, plays awsome. Sounds to me like someone can't play with the rocket launcher!
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FrEaKoNaLeAsH unregistered
#1   24 Apr 2003
I think the reviewer is full of crap! This is an excellent map and think it plays very well. I play at johnboys server regularly and everyone that comes to his server compliments his maps. I personally don't see anything gaudy about the textures. As always in ANY map, the rocket launcher dominates.
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