Ra3map1 OSP
Ra3map1 OSP by Mortal
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#7   26 Nov 2020
Among the best RA3 maps ever. Like ShadowZombie, so many dawns found me on this or other maps! Great memories... miss RA3!
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ShadowZombie unregistered
#6   05 Feb 2009
This map brings back so many memories. Playing RA3 til the sun came up. Reaching 100 frags for me was sometimes a painstaking but very fun process. This was one of my favorite RA3 maps to play.
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Harry_Perranutz unregistered
#5   07 Feb 2003
no way....

there's far too many non-clan RA3 maps that would make for excellent 1 on 1 play.

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magick unregistered
#4   06 Feb 2003
It doesnt work xfoo, you spawn in any of the 4/5/6 arenas and there's no way of containing a game to one arena.

Clan-arena's only would be cool!

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fartbox unregistered
#3   06 Feb 2003
i agree Magick....i miss a lot of those maps.

this should be cool tho.

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xfoo unregistered
#2   05 Feb 2003
... why would you not just move your ra3 maps for /arena into /baseq3

finding the ra3map bot files isn't that hard either...


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magick unregistered
#1   04 Feb 2003
It would be awesome if all of the ra3 maps were remade like this for OSP!!
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