Fatal Fastness
by Q
Fatal Fastness by Q
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#5   13 Sep 2020
I really enjoyed this map. It has a strong RA3 feeling and is probably at its best with the Clan Arena gametype (so you can RJ all over the place and move fast). Still, for FFA is pretty good.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#4   08 Apr 2002
Oh yeah, and there's no arena file. (not that that's essential or anything but..)
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#3   08 Apr 2002
I actually think that's quite a fair review, I have never agreed more with one of PI's reviews TBH. The layout was nice (with open layouts being a matter of taste obviously) but the item placement really didn't do the map any favours. IMO the items can make or break a map and sadly in this case it does the latter as there was a large section of the map left unused and a fair bit of wandering around looking for a gun. I have nothing against open maps either but on this map there really isn't anything to compete with the railgun especially with the RA being right next to it. With better item placement this could have been/be a really good level as the layout is nice with very impressive rate speeds for the size of the rooms. As it is; 6 because the items detract a lot from the fun of the level for me.
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Immortal unregistered
#2   30 Mar 2002
Well the less I can say is I'm rarely agree with pure imaginary when it comes to review a map.When I seen that the map have been reviewed, I thought cool a nice review for my friend Q :)

Mappers will know, he gave lots of efforts into this map to make it an example of how to build, layered texturing, hints as it should be, cliping everywhere, the top of the top in optimisation ...

ok that's not the point in a review, we speek about fps generally when they are bad or requiere a high end computer,

So let speek about the gameplay then.

I regret that lots of maps around are really narrow, they're aiming for a fast gameplay, but leave a part of the fun away.

The fun for me is to run in the map, not just turning around in a tiny map.

It's so good to run as fast as possible in big areas to frag someone or just trying not to get fragged.The scale is definitivly good for me in Fatal Fatness, I love it.

But that's not everything, the omnipresence of danger in that map (when u pick the mega health for example) is a good point to me and lots of other poeple I think ...

hmm well, I enjoyed the map and the map sample ;)

I give it a 8/10

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Octovus unregistered
#1   29 Mar 2002
This one got better as I played, always a good sign! But it started out horrible, so that's only so-so. The map began with the bots performing a ritualistic bouncepad worship above the RL...what's with bots in q3? But that soon stopped and it played well. Flow was a bit stinted towards the railgun room, with the lower passages and esentially the other half of the map being deprived of action, but that one portion was well layed out and could serve for 3 fun games. Texturing was slightly wonky imo, especially on the angled passages' ceilings. Nothing too new but it was fun!



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