Dual Fantome
Dual Fantome by the Shib & fhn-SweepeR
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raspatan Rep. 4239
#10   15 Dec 2020
Oh man. I tried and tried and couldn't circle strafe to get the RA. Tried in CPM too but I'm terrible at it. It really looks a fun map but couldn't get the most of it.
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Septik unregistered
#9   24 Jan 2002
this is tight shib,

although I dont like the type of textures.. but the gameplay owns, and that's most important:)


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wviperw unregistered
#8   23 Jan 2002
this is one of the reasons why we shouldn't be letting just "anybody" come in and review a map. (though the alternative is to have an even longer waiting time for our maps to be reviewed)

Very good gameplay shib and sweeper.

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Shib unregistered
#7   23 Jan 2002

RA is easy to get to just requires a circle strafe:)

In CPM u can Tele jump on ledge too.


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fhn-SweepeR unregistered
#6   23 Jan 2002
I'm very glad you like it. We've spend a lot of time with Shib to make it good =)

Well, I'm a bit unsatisfied with this review but huh...

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errr unregistered
#5   22 Jan 2002
map is underrated. the map is fun to play... "improve" guys... heh
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ix.ir unregistered
#4   21 Jan 2002
arQ beat me to it, oh no the gameplay mafia is here. Well point made anyway.
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ix.ir unregistered
#3   21 Jan 2002
You can't do a simple strafe jump or circle jump to RA and you are telling us that an upward or along RJ is 'difficult'? Learn to play the game if you are going to assess gameplay.

Tigs and Octovus have the right idea, this map was made for promode so testing/judging it in vq3 is pointless. Once you've learnt this map I think it will play fast and vicious, you can get to over 700ups in three jumps in promode and keep most of the speed around corners.

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arQon unregistered
#2   21 Jan 2002
> "Red Armour which requires a difficult rocket jump to obtain"

Anyone who considers a pure-vertical rocket jump in an open space "difficult" has rather questionable credibility when it comes to commenting on gameplay....

The RA is also reachable without RJ'ing by any player with even moderate movement skills.

I expect the map becomes rather unbalanced unless you play it in CPMA or OSP, as it also contains GREEN armour, which baseq3 doesn't support.

Octovus - you'd be surprised how quickly you can get around the map once you learn the teles, even without ProMode movement.

Welcome to the Dark Side. Enjoy your stay. :)

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Octovus unregistered
#1   20 Jan 2002
Well, this map may have changed my mind about CPM. I spawned in and went exploring. "Tight hallways, impossible jumps, weirdly placed bouncepads that are wannabe lifts...yet another 'I want Quake back mommy' map". Or that was my original thought. I honestly can't stand people who don't like the changes ID made, think Quake is/was the be all end all for the series...well. Not anymore.

This plays great! The open atrium with the RL avoids being swamped just because of the cramped nature of the map. You can't get across it quickly because there's usually a brush or two in the way - quite a nice contrast from those all too open maps that are frequent now. The railgun is all but useless, but hey; it's a change! PG and LG are the order of they day, RL being too dangerous in such close quarters. Bots play great - Sarge gave me an amazing run for my money, I suggest you try playing against him (whether he's in the default bot selection or not I'm unsure). Without CPM the map is a bit too big for 1vs1; I played a bustling 5 or 6 player FFA and it was quite fun. The faster movement speeds of CPM would probably allow for a 1v1, though I think it'd still be a mite boring for my tastes...well, enough dawdling, a 9 from me. The map that's making me redownload CPM. Just all you hardcore people don't laugh when I blow myself up...pls?


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