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Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 1224
#1   24 Jan 2012
Hello people. Work is progressing on the tags list for maps code, but still a fair way off. What would be very helpful right now is a default list of keywords for some sections.

The sections are:
Gametype - eg. CTF, DM, TeamDM, DeFRaG... (pretty straight forward, just don't want to miss any)
Theme - Space, Industrial, Gothic....
* Textures - Sock, Evil_lair, id Software, .....

The texture list is possibly going to be the hardest. Also, these three groups will be able to have a custom tag added, but it would be nice to have a fairly good selection to start with.

KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#2   25 Jan 2012
What is this?
Tig Rep. 1224
#3   25 Jan 2012
I'm working on introducing 'Tags' or 'Keywords' for maps. A heap more info found in this thread:

Maybe I should have made this post in that thread.

themuffinator Rep. 978
#4   02 Feb 2012
Right now I'm out of creativity, but if I think something up I'll post something later. The sections look good to me, although depending on the amount of space you've got to present such info, splitting gametype into mod and gametype might be the way to go - eg:

name: Testing Procedures
author: Eraser
mod: EntityPlus
gametype: SP
theme: Industrial
texture set: vQ3A
dependencies: none <-- if it needs custom third party assets, such as ThreeWave, mapmedia etc.

Extra sections where applicable would be items, weapons, bots (in arena file), etc. DeFraG maps could have style and physics and no gametype section.

Tig Rep. 1224
#5   03 Feb 2012
I think my original post was not very clear. Here is a mock-up of the current 'how it looks' for the keywords support (the tags are NOT correct for the map shown) - - The 'grey' bot is what will be used for a 'Custom bot'. Also, 'Space' is still under 'Gametype' as it appears a number of people look for 'Space' maps. However it may still be shifted to the 'Theme' group.

What I'm after is a default list that will appear in the 'editor' for the tags. This way, when people start to edit the tags for a map, most, if not all of the 'tags' that someone may want to use will be in the 'available' list and the person editing will just need to click on the tag to have it added to the level.

@themuffinator: I'm thinking about your 'Dependencies' group. I'm not 100% sure if it is needed, but I do like the idea of it. I like how it can quickly tell a person if something extra is required. Maybe it should be called 'Miscellaneous', then anything that does not fit somewhere else could be placed here.

EmeraldTiger Rep. 2432
#6   05 Feb 2012
Hmmm... how about this?: (themes are kind of a repeat from the old thread, but oh well hehe)

Tech (anything with an obvious influence by technology, usually futuristic-looking)
Gothic (can encompass a variety of styles, not just the "red and orange dungeon" look of the id maps.
Industrial (factory-like theme or an urban-city style; something that's not gothic but not "clean" or "modern" enough to be classified under Tech.
Minimalist (very little texturing, can sometimes be combined with other themes or may not have any obvious theme at all)
Perhaps include a few non-id custom themes like Egyptian, etc. provided that they have been used in enough maps (maybe like 10 or more) to warrant making them default tags.

For textures, IMO it might be better to have the names of the actual texture sets rather than using the names of the author that made them. Like instead of "Rorschach", who has made multiple texture sets, you could instead opt for describing the map through the actual texture sets used, like "Single Malt", "Vendetta", etc. perhaps with links to images of sample maps using the set to give the author a general idea of it's appearance. The author names can still be used though for crediting purposes, though.

DGhost Rep. 170
#7   08 Feb 2012
@ Tig : really nice layout for the tags, I really like it, I think that's it going to be useful for maps addicts of this site... ;)
FragTastic Rep. 2241
#8   09 Feb 2012
I'm a map addict and proud xD!

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