What are the best tools for Q3 Map Editing?
Started by Whatscheiser
Whatscheiser Rep. 652
#1   14 days ago
Figured this would be a good place to ask. I haven't tinkered with level editing in quite a while (like early 2000's). I think I used Q3Radiant back then, but I'm honestly not even sure of that. I was wondering what folks here use on a regular basis or if they have any recommendations on tools and tutorials for someone looking to get back into it?


Tig Rep. 1434
#2   14 days ago
I'm using GtkRadiant on Linux. NetRadiant is popular. There is also TrenchBroom, but no curve support.

About the only document I use is the Q3Map2 Shader Manual - q3map2.robotrenega.../shader_manual/

Whatscheiser Rep. 652
#3   14 days ago
I was starting to gather that GtkRadiant is likely where I'd end up. I didn't have that manual as a resource though. I'm sure that's going to come in handy. Thanks!
EmeraldTiger Rep. 2523
#4   13 days ago
GTKRadiant/NetRadiant are still the best choices for Quake 3 for sure, only because it actually supports curves. The day that TrenchBroom does properly support patches though, I would put that at the top. For Quake 1/2 mapping it is so much more comfortable to use than Radiant, which is saying something since Radiant already feels quite nice.
Geniraul Rep. 729
#5   13 days ago
I didn't even know it was possible to create maps for Q3 in TrenchBroom 😅 Hopefully, I will be able to map one day, too.

If I recall correctly, I've heard that GtkRadiant is basically NetRadiant, but with more features. Is it true?

leilei Rep. 363
#6   13 days ago
Trenchbroom can "support" curves as objects to move around at least. You might be able to get away with some curve library map to paste from

Trenchhroom should be welcomed as an option more, i've seen enough gatekeeping gaslighting on how it's not a 'proper' radiant or whatever. It's certainly more viable than QuArK.
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themuffinator Rep. 1018
#7   12 days ago

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