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Started by CZghost
CZghost Rep. 1581
#1   03 Sep 2021
Okay, maybe I am the only one who experienced it or it's really buggy. But I have an issue that the map doesn't load in the Live Preview, instead it loads q3dm0 and starts a singleplayer tier battle. No matter which map, it still loads q3dm0 every single time. I guess this isn't intended behaviour, is it?

And yes, I am still alive :D

Tig Rep. 1234
#2   04 Sep 2021
@CZghost : Do you have a map that has this issue please? It would be very helpful.
cellfourteen Rep. 38
#3   11 Dec 2021
Just noticed exactly the same behavior with "demon pigs go hog wild by Charon".
"Lucifer's Playground by Mr.LyCon" and "Medievil Fear by uoz" load as expected.
(And what an awesome feature, I love it!)
Tig Rep. 1234
#4   11 Dec 2021
@cellfourteen : Thanks! Will try to get this fixed as soon as possible.
ixvo Rep. 0
#5   11 May 2022
Long (like, very long) time lurker here.
Has the "live preview" function been desactivated? I wanted to use it to show some maps to a non-quaker friend.
Copyright strike from Bethe$da??
Tig Rep. 1234
#6   11 May 2022
@ixvo : Removed for now, yes. Looking at ways to bring it back. Currently having a few issues with compiling the old code with the newer versions of Emscripten.
Tig Rep. 1234
#7   30 May 2022
@ixvo : A reworked version of LiveView is back up now.

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