map toxic fabric
Devils Right Hand Rep. 20
#1   29 Jan 2019
hey i like to show my map toxic fabric is original maked for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory as Deathmatch, im a qake3 engine mapper over 5 years and mapped 6 maps for wolf et,later i consider to port my map toxic fabric into qake3/qakelive, i ask if some1 can make a review of my map and i you like my level design, heres original tread of my map + screens of wolf et
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#2   06 Feb 2019
Just noticed your post. I'll review your map soon, though it's up to Tig to upload the new reviews.

I tried playing your map, but the game crashes and I get this error: "Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 16777240 bytes from the main zone"

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bozina69 Rep. 74
#3   08 Feb 2019
toxic fabric played ok on my PC. I7 8gb RAM, AT graphics card.
Devils Right Hand Rep. 20
#4   29 May 2019
hi i ask if my map can maybe again a review from some1,because itz long time where i upload my map here on
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#5   30 May 2019
Can you tell us what we need to set our hunkmegs to get the map to work? I'd review your map if I knew. (I wouldn't mind if someone reviewed my map too)
richoi Rep. 70
#6   31 May 2019
i had looked at this map when it first posted. i took another refresher look. this is 'not' an in depth review, just a quick impression.
it did work fine in my very old (12yr+) computer. but, i had to set '/com_hunkmegs 256' rather than default '64' at the console. no biggie. it's reminiscent of ut2004 Deck series of maps with an additional large outside area. lot of special effects that slow down my old machine. however, the one missing ingredient for my tastes = no bot file. i had the feeling it would be part of a nice single player map series.
KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#7   01 Jun 2019
however, the one missing ingredient for my tastes = no bot file. i had the feeling it would be part of a nice single player map series.

The bot file wouldn't compile? If that's the case I had that happen once with my map, but I saved the files for a previous version so I could see if I could complete the map with bot support.

I've been contemplating making this single-player map for the Hunt mod that would have bot support in it. The reason I would opt for HUNT and not EntityPlus for this specific idea I have is that I want it to be cooperative.

Devils Right Hand Rep. 20
#8   03 Jun 2019
im only a mapper itz not my fault if Malloc: failed on allocation comes of my map KommissarReb, i have a new pc and my map works without error,like our pal bozina69 say the map works with his pc,and our pal richoi with his 12 yrs old pc got the error,buy a better ddr ram/etc and the Malloc: failed on allocation is gone,i dont consider early/later to add botz because itz a Team Deathmatch/Deathmatch/Tournament/Capture the Flag map player vs player and not single-player map,we even test the map of 10 vs 10 on server for how items spawns/weapons are good or not and most liked the items spawns and the map,i add the open terrain because that it gives not to be in a factory cage richoi,the map as you see is how i like to make map
HelterSkeleton Rep. 6056
#9   19 Jun 2019
Devils Right Hand. I can appreciate your frustration. I can see from the screenshots you put a lot of effort into building the map and it's full of custom objects. The map looks great. So I am sorry for my comments on those grounds. But at the same time you have to also understand there are a lot of casual players who use this site that download the maps to play for some fun and we don't always have the latest graphics cards, and extra ram etc. You can't reasonably expect a person to upgrade or replace their computer just for sake of playing on one or two maps when there are plenty of accessible maps out there. And it is time consuming and frustrating to go through a clean install of quake and have to continually reload the game to test the hunkmegs, picmips etc. Please don't be personally offended, I am just looking out for those players and am only seeking to spare them the grief. I don't think that is a reason to compromise your standards and obviously your map will be accessible and appealing to others. I'd encourage your friends to become members on this site and comment on the gameplay.But you must also understand that players in my situation also form part of the audience of your work on this site. Some constructive feedback was given to you in the review: "The console is your friend and commands like r_showTris, cg_thirdPerson, r_speeds will help to get you started." Considering these elements in your map design (along with reducing brushes and entities where possible) will greatly help in reducing file size and improving rendering of maps and can make future release more accessible for a wider audience... if you so choose to go down that path.
leilei Rep. 413
#10   20 Jun 2019
Generally, relying on certain source ports that increase the allocation by default will cause a blindness for vanilla compatibility during testing. LvL doesn't have a distinct way to signify maps that require a larger memory pool.

Also it's not really about having the latest hardware, it's more of a crusty old engine showing its poor scaleablity for them (given the GL 1.1 fallbacks and a lot of software processing for all the light calcs etc), and taking a few regressions (particularly compiled vertex arrays not being detected, needing r_primitives 2 to be explicitly set to regain speed). In theory, a typical Geforce2 would be fine with this map.

and of course the playerbase that "need" 333fps to gain the physics exploit advantages causing the big complacent gaming divide since 2002, where "r_vertexLight 1 r_picmip 32 is the way to play". that send all possible artistic visions to hell just for the win. Geocomp changing mapping ideals especially didn't help matters....

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Devils Right Hand Rep. 20
#11   04 Jun 2021
after 2 years i public now my finale version after alot feedback from the cpma community the map have changed , it have aas. and tested on quake3e.x64 /ioquake3.x86_64 the bots play the map, download
Tig Rep. 1554
#12   04 Jun 2021
@Devils Right Hand : Just to confirm, you are submitting your release for review on ..::LvL? Is that correct?
Devils Right Hand Rep. 20
#13   05 Jun 2021
yes since 2 years of pause i liked to finale this version and for reviewing too,since i change alot ,example terrain was removed,the big generator room smaller etc,_blocksize now 256 256 0 it was the best fps/tris result so far ,i even try _blocksize 0 0 0 but fps/tris was not good as 256 256 0 ,even i add the hints at right position where they should like L-shaped corners,even the pipes as patches i remove replace with brushes as you can see for better fps,railing was patch too now brushes,only a couple pipes a patch i let ,bevor u public reviewing u can make a quick run local if you still found bugs,can u report it and i change it quick,when u dont found any i mean i check most of the map while i make local test runs all times to spot some bugs like brush not fit to a pillar/brush was 2 units in air as example
raspatan Rep. 4451
#14   05 Jun 2021
Isn't a previous version of the map already on LvL? ( According to the readme, that was beta version. It probably deserves a new review rather than an update of file.
Devils Right Hand Rep. 20
#15   05 Jun 2021
the first version was as finale as i consider nothing need to change since i even ad a terrain where you even walk outside and view the fabric,but the new version is at finale stage too but as update,i re consider how i make best fps/tris of it,and starts from the terrain since in the wiremode you still saw the terrain outside so i cut it,i add pillars on the bridge pool ,later i change some here/there,and the result is now what you view,i multiport my map to most idtech3 games like warsow/wolfet/quake3/quakelive/xonotic/urban terror/world of padman,i know this forum is only for quake3 but heres a link of all games i ported, when the admins have nothing against it

changelog fixed FINALE :
-8vs8 info_player_deathmatch/ctf now,bevor it was 20
-add stairs and railing on the toxic pool
-change the barrel height
-darker skybox
-re change some ammo/weapons
-add a grenade launcher
-add on some areas railing
-change the table/chairs height
-new stairs railing on elevator
-change machines height
-add lights on elevator
-new chairs
-add barbed wire
-change the pillars on some areas
-add pillars on the bridge pool
-add lights on some area
-new teleporter
-change volume to 15 of machines since it was to loud
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Devils Right Hand Rep. 20
#16   02 Jun 2023
hi community after years i got some time again i public my map toxic fabric V2 FINALE,i ported from quake3 to other idtech games warfork/wolfet/xonotic/world of padman.forget the old version delete it
if someone like can make a review or not have fun

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