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Started by Ben
Ben Rep. 20
#1   08 Jul 2011
Hey folks. Anyone know which servers out there actually change up the maps they play? Which servers go on different and interesting maps, instead of just the stock stuff? Not to knock the traditionally-styled arenas, but I'm up for playing something new. :) Post IPs and ports here for the benefit of everyone who wants to play different maps!


EmeraldTiger Rep. 2443
#2   11 Jul 2011
The Maverick Q3 servers have some great custom maps available. The selection isnt enormous, however - and there are some maps that are still in alpha states or other early stages, since it is essentially more of a "test" server rather than an actual playing server. The IPs are (vq3) and (cpm).

It would be nice if we could somehow set up a Q3 server that constantly added and changed new custom maps. Perhaps have a 10-map pool that someone could change accordingly about every month or so to keep things fresh. MP Quake 3 these days is starting to fade rapidly as most people just play either the stock maps, CPM maps, or ThreeWave maps, with few custom maps except very overplayed classics like ztn or hub (not that theyre bad, but really...)
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#3   12 Jul 2011
Most of the Quake III servers today just show either all rail-fests, or excessive plus.

Rarely will I find one that is just Vanilla Quake 3. Let alone a custom map. =/

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