Problem with Quake 3 1.11 (-forcesidesvisible crashes Quake 3)
Started by Colton
Colton Rep. 329
#1   14 Jan 2016
When I try to make an aas for a map with -forcesidesvisible, it crashes Quake 3. Any ideas why this happens? Could be the reason why quite a few Dreamcast maps from the official Dreamcast map pack crash when bot_enable is set to 1.
Tig Rep. 1234
#2   14 Jan 2016
Why use version 1.11?
Colton Rep. 329
#3   14 Jan 2016
I'm trying to ensure backwards compatibility with the new 17t6remix (The Very End of the Longest Yard) pk3 I posted in the comments the other day. Q3 1.11 crashes with the new pk3, but doesn't with the old one, and I determined that Q3 1.11 doesn't like -forcesidesvisible very much... It means I'm gonna have to fix it, as well as the misaligned texture near one of the RL's.
PaN61 Rep. 337
#4   14 Jan 2016
Still, why use version 1.11?
Mostly everyone uses 1.32 and with newer versions comes fixes, fine tuning and additions to what was previously there. That's why updates are called, well... updates.

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