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===================================================== LDAQ3A00CTF ----------- by Lee David Ash e-mail: **email removed** website: www.planetquake.com/violationE/ ===================================================== FPS rating: Below Average Bot compatibility: Decent Map type: Capture the Flag BSP size: 3.6Mb Brush count: 1116 Entity count: 260 Vis type: Fastvis Completion Date: 19/01/01 Credit/Thanks2: id software, D.L.ASH, CorbX. Known flaws:- May be able to see through the floors under the grating around the flags. Nothing I could do. Designer's note:- The original design of this had close to 2500 brushes and stretched from one end of the Q3R grid to the other, which, ofcourse, is a ridiculous size for a Q3A map. That took up a lot of my time and in the end inevitably failed. With that in mind, I feel pretty proud of the map I ended up with. I think it's fun to play and looks good, which, in my opinion, is what mapping is all about.
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