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everybodys darling
by TTJ
MAP RELEASED BY MAPCORE (www.mapcore.com) ================================================================================== Title :ttjq3dm1 "everybodys darling" Filename :ttjq3dm1.pk3 Author :Thomas "TTJ" Ritter Address :**email removed** Homepage :www.planethalflife.com/ttj Description :Quake 3 Arena, One on One Deathmatch Version :1.0 ================================================================================== Play Information Single Player :No Deathmatch :ffa, made for one on one New Sounds :No New Graphics :No New Music :No ================================================================================= About this Map Well, when Id released q3 arena I really want to make a map for it but after I took a look at q3radiant. I didnt want to make one anymore. Last month I gave q3radiant a second chance and I have to say that this editor is damn fine and it makes a lot fun using it. So after reading lots of tutorials (thanks to all the people who have made them) I decided to make a small one on one map. The layout is similar to my hl:holywars map hw_nair. But the q3 engine allows me to make the map more open and the connectivity is a lot better. I am pretty satisfied with the map because its my first q3 map and the first map by using q3radiant. ================================================================================= Description -The layout is really simple there is a main arena in the middle of the map who is the rocketlauncher and the red armor. So there will be a lot action in the main arena. There is one way around the main arena and thats it. Dont think that the map will get boring immidiately because it provides lots of action. -I have only included three weapons: shotgun, railgun and rocketlauncher. In my opinion it plays fine and every weapon is useful. The railgun for the main arena. The shotgun for the corridor which goes around the map. The rocketlauncher for everything but be careful when you want to get it. If there is a player who can handle the railgun really well then the map can get a little bit unbalanced but this wont happen quite often. -You can only get the red armor by using the jumppads or performing a rocketjump. -The bots play great but be sure to take a high skill level. -I made this map for one on one so itemplacement is made for one on one not for more players. ================================================================================= Construction Base :my holy wars map hw_nair Editor used :q3radiant Known Bugs :No Build Time :2 Weeks ================================================================================ Compile Time I use a 350mhz pentium 2 with 128MBRAM and a elsa erazor x videocard. qbsp: 14s qrad: 1633s full vis: 140s ================================================================================ Installation Extract the pk3 file ttjq3dm1.pk3 into your quake3\baseq3\ directory then start the game and select the map. ================================================================================ Other Level by Author: DonkeyKong: HL Deathmatch, well the first attempt but really fun ; ) Watertower: HL Deathmatch, a small one on one map 47% at hornetking de_urbanassault: Counter-Strike defusion Map, 9 from 10 Stars at www.counter-strike.de cs_realmansion: Counter-Strike hostage rescue map, 8 from 10 Stars at www.counter-strike.de hlnoir : HL Deathmatch, the map uses only black-white textures which creates a really nice effect, 4 from 5 points at www.planethalflife.com/hornetking cominghome : Official turbo - snark racing map cool! : Official snow-wars map (www.planethalflife.com/snowwar) All these maps are available at my homepage: www.planethalflife.com/ttj ================================================================================ Thanks to: Tumor for everything and telling me about these "new" game Half-Life; Flash for all his support; Crazy Borg for being my worldcraft teacher and betatester; valve for creating a great game; all these great texture artists without them all these maps would be not possible; Sean for his great Zoner tools; phil for these cool (lan)-parties ; Apocalypso for betatesting;Id software who have made a kick-ass engine/game. ================================================================================ Copyright and Permissions Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH NO MODIFICATIONS. If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE IT IN ANY FORM. This LEVEL may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems. You are NOT authorized to put this LEVEL on any CD or distribute it in any way without my written permission. (c) Copyright 2000 TTJ aka Thomas Ritter, Germany
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