Roomdm Ver. 1.0
Title : Roomdm
Filename : map_roomdm.pk3
bsp : Roomdm.bsp
Release Date : 12.03.2001
Author : Andreas "MopAn" Spitzer
Email Address : **email removed**
Description : Small Quake III Arena DM-Map

I. Instructions:
1 ) Extract map-roomdm.pk3 into your ~/Quake3/baseq3 directory
2 ) Start Quake 3 Arena
3 ) The new map roomdm will be accessible from the menu
single player: choose single player -> skirmish -> FreeForAll -> roomdm
multiplayer: choose multiplayer -> FreeForAll -> roomdm

II. Play Information
Gametype + Settings : FreeForAll
Number of players : 3 - 5
Bot Support : Bots are fully supported (...but slow down the framerate...)
Weapons : 1 BFG, 2 Rocket Launcher, 2 Railgun, 1 Plasma Gun, 2 Shotgun,
1 Grenade Launcher, 1 Lightning, 1 Machine Gun
Holdable Items : 2 Medkit, 2 Teleporter
Armor : 1 Armor_combat, 22 Armor_shard

III. Construction
Base : DM-Map, New from scratch
Editor used : Q3Radiant Ver. 202
Latest Q3 Arena Version : 1.27h
Brushes : 2321
Entities : 250
Compile machine : Duron 750, 160mb RAM, GeForce256.
Q3Map compile time : at fullvis; vis: approx. 30 min. / light: approx. 60 min.
Tools : Ultimate Paint, Q3 Build, XFader
Building time : several months (see Information)
Previous Works : None
Additional Artwork by MopAn --> a lot of textures and ideas

IV. Known Bugs
- Bots are camping over the lift sometimes (and I don't know exactly why)
- The course on the shelf isn't fine
- Pizza service expands cause there's no time left to cook something.
- Sorry, but r_speed is too bad in the main room and this caused by the size

V. General Information and discussion
This is my first official map ever and I hope you haven't noticed it if you've played it before.
Roomdm is what it sounds like: A small double-boxed map with a few objects here and there, enough
to play for a while against bots or vs other human player, not more not less. I hope you will enjoy
it for all that.
Building time was about several months last year when I was close by on the way to learn the function of
Q3Radiant. Today I finished the rest.
Thanx for attention and reading

VI. Credits
Special thanx to Martina for time, ideas, inspiration and discussion
Thanx to Andrea for patience during the hours of construction when she had to speak with my back night
and day in the week.
This map is dedicated to the sound of Raison D'Etre and to Isaac Newton.
Watch out for my next CTF-level 'starlight' in a few days, when I will have a little time to compile this
at fullvis...
Greetings to all of you who love to play and to create 3d-worlds

->Glass-shader and texture was created by Louie "KnightBK" Doulias for Black Knights Productions. This work was included
in a tutorial and free available. Special thanx to KnightBK.
-> All textures that I haven't made and were used in starlight are free available at:
another important link is: d)

(Sorry because of my bad english, I'm a german mapper)

!If you review this map, please send me a note!
!Your feedback about this map will be appreciated!

VII. Copyright Notices and Permission
This level is created by Andreas Spitzer, all rights reserved.
All commercial use of this map is prohibited unless you have my
explicit permission. This includes, but is not limited to, mass archival as on a cd-rom
and inclusion in commercially published compilations (books and/or magazines).
You are not allowed to distribute this work on compact- and floppy-disk or other
electronic storage for commercial use.

Copyright 2001 Andreas Spitzer
All rights reserved.