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Riot Arena
March 18, 2001 potfish-x ================================================================================= Title : Riot Arena MapFilename : riotarena.bsp Filenames : maps/riotarena.bsp (mapfile) maps/riotarena.aas (botdata) levelshots/riotarena.jpg (levelshot) scripts/riotarena (arena script) Author : Tim Jewell Email Address : **email removed** Web Site : www.insanityfactory.co.uk Map Type : Deathmatch 2-4 players Map description : A small gothic based arena which has a good mix of open area fire-fight mayham, and close quarters shotgun to your face type fun. The architecture has been designed to be functional, while pleasing to the eye, with a further aim of keeping the frame rate down. Notes : I always wanted to make an arena style map, something that put gameplay first. Everything in this map is about the fight. Oh, this is my first release so please go easy! ;-) Gameplay : Bots appear to work well on this map. They go everywhere and take full advantage of power-ups. They are pretty tough too! I found 1 on 1 quite satisfying, and 4 or more bots is a RIOT! The lack of the railgun is intentional. I bloody hate that thing! Rockets on the other hand... Thanks to : Well, iD of course. Special Thanks : Bubba of www.plantquake.com/bubba for his great mapping tutors! ================================================================================= ***** Construction ***** Base : New level from scratch Editor used : GTKRadiant Known Bugs : None. Please notify me if you find anything. Build Time : 3 evenings. Build Method: : BSP Fullvis Compile machine : P3 667 / 128Mb RAM ================================================================================= ***** Usage ***** 1. extract all files from the the zip file to your baseq3 directory 2. run Q3A, go to single player, skirmish, and the map should be at the end 3. Enjoy! 4. E-Mail me if you liked it. ================================================================================= ***** Copyright / Permissions ***** Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. You may distribute this map FREELY via internet, provided you include this .TXT file and leave the archive intact with no modifications. If you would like to use this map in any other way, please contact me via e-mail. If you let me know and give me a credit, I'll probably give you the permission to use it.
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