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MKEXP - Industrial Experience
================================================================ MKEXP - Industrial Experience ================================================================ Title : MKEXP - Industrial Experience Author : Martin "Killer" Kilcoyne Version : 25th February 2001 File Name : mkexp.pk3 E-Mail : **email removed** Web Site : www.planetquake.com/killer Description : Another map and yet another custom texture set, I'll do anything to avoid the use of stock id textures :-) This time I have used Rorshach's HeadHunters3 Vendetta set and very nice they are too. The map is quite large but well connected so I reckon 1on1 is still a viable proposition but you will probably have more fun with a larger number of players. Although I didn't intend it to be the case this map seems well suited to teamplay so give 3on3 or 4on4 a bash if you can muster up the players. Hope you have as much fun playing the map as I have had making it. Thanks for reading. Credits : Kudos to Rorshach who does amazing texture work and whose HeadHunters3 Vendetta set I used almost exclusively in this map. You can see more of his fantastic work at: www.3dpalette.org/~rorshach The rock textures in the outside areas are from Lunaran's excellent LunDesert set. See more of his work at: lunaran.fragland.net I also used Iikka Keranen's sky texture and shader from his great IKBaseQ3 texture set. Check out his site at: www.planetquake.com/ikq Thanks Alcatraz and Thanatopsis who checked out the betas and offered suggestions. The map is definitely better due to their input. You can see their sites here: www.planetquake.com/bighouse www.planetquake.com/cesspit Previous Work : 24/12/00 - MKTECH - Technophobia 05/10/00 - MKOXIDE - Iron Oxide for Q3:A 12/02/00 - MKFINGERS - Itchy Trigger Fingers 20/10/99 - MKFUTILE2 - Resistance Is Futile II 18/09/99 - KTDM7 - Silicon Avatar 18/09/99 - KTDM5 - Enemy Mine 18/09/99 - KTDM3 - The Colosseum 18/09/99 - KTDM1 - Iron Oxide 24/12/98 - MKDEPOT - Depot of Decimation 06/11/98 - MKRUST - The Rust Bucket 07/10/98 - MKFUTILE - Resistance Is Futile 16/09/98 - MKMETAL - Metallic Resistance 27/08/98 - MKTRIPLE - The Triple Towers Note KTDM1, 3, 5 and 7 are part of the 8 map Quake II deathmatch map pack KT-imPAKt. Full details on the KT-imPAKt Homepage: www.planetquake.com/ktimpakt ================================================================ * Play Information * Game : Quake III Bot Match : Yes Deathmatch : 1on1 - 5on5, 2-10 FFA (12 spawns) CTF : No * PK3 Information * BSP : maps/mkexp.bsp AAS : maps/mkexp.aas Shader : scripts/mkexp.shader Arena File : scripts/mkexp.arena Levelshot : levelshots/mkexp.jpg Textures : textures/mkexp/* * Construction * Base : New map from scratch Build Time : About 4 weeks on and off Brush Count : 3560 (of which 450 are entities) Compile Machine : Athlon Thunderbird 900 with 128 Mb PC133 RAM Compile Time : 3 hours 34 minutes Editor Used : Q3Radiant 202 Other Utils : Q3Map, BSPC, WinZip, Paint Shop Pro Known Bugs : None * How to Use * Simply extract the mkexp.pk3 file and this text file into your Quake III "baseq3" directory. So for me this would be "C:\quake3\baseq3". Once installed the map will appear in the Single Player Skirmish menu. * Copyright / Permissions * You may NOT use this map as a base for other maps. The textures and shaders used in this map remain the property of their respective owners and were used with their permission. You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission. You MAY distribute this BSP through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact. If any magazines want to put this map on a cover CD, then make sure you ask me first, send me a copy and we'll be straight :-) =========================================================MK2K1==
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