Title : "Hydropain"
Filename : Hydro.bsp
Author : Steve Thoma (Beefster)
Thanks to : Matt,Jeff,Sean and Dan for play-testing.
Special Thanks to : Id for creating Quake III
e-mail : **email removed**

Play Information

Deathmatch : No
Capture the Flag : Yes (10+ players)


Editor used : Q3Radient
Known Bugs : Bots sometimes have trouble moving around
certain steps. This usually causes them to
walk around in circles for a few seconds
before continuing their intended path.
I found this most evident in the pump
station rooms.


To play this level, extract the file "hydro.pk3" into
your \baseq3 directory of Quake III. Then select hydro
under the capture the flag levels.


Copyright and Permissions

This level is (c) 2001 Steve Thoma.
You are not to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without
first obtaining permission from the author. You may not mass distribute this level via any
non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks.