Haunted Salvation
Title : Haunted Salvation
BSP Name : church.bsp
Author : David M. Law
(Co-produced by: Strange Prange Films)
Release Date : Jan. 16, 2001
Email Address : **email removed**
ICQ UIN : 15371495
Home Page : alice.trinitee.net/retinal/
Game : Quake 3 Arena FFA
File size : 12 MB

Additional Thanks to :
Cyber: www.planetquake.co...ro/profiles.htm
Oak: www.planetquake.com/oakshiro/
id Software: www.quake3arena.com

Thank You, for downloading my map. I'd be glad to hear your thoughts about how it turned out, and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


* MAP Information *

Default Bots : Major, Tank Jr.
New Textures : Yes, (Used from the "Evil"Texture Set.
New Sounds : Yes
New Music : Yes (Snippet from Diablo II, publically distributed music of Diablo II can be found at: planetdiablo.com)

* Construction *

Base : None
Construction Time : 2 months
Build Programs : q3map
Compile Machine : AMD Athalon 800mhz, 128MB SDRAM
Editor Used : Q3R/GTKRadiant


You MAY distribute this pak file by any electronic means, provided you leave the contents unaltered and include this text file, also unaltered. You MAY NOT use this in a commercial product without my EXPLICIT permission. (Written or verbal consent is required prior to commercial distribution.)