The Candy Factory
Title : The Candy Factory

PK3 Name : teqtrny2.pk3
Date : Nov 23, 2000
Author : Robert 'tequila' Bettenberg
Email Address : **email removed**
Home Page :

Description : 1v1 map.

Deathmatch : 2-4 FFA or tourney, (2 v 2 team maybe?)
Bots : Route Included (Doom)

Installation : Unzip to your baseq3 directory.

MAP Information

BSP Name : maps/teqtrny2.bsp
AAS Name : maps/teqtrny2.aas
Arena Name : scripts/teqtrny2.arena
Levelshot : levelshots/teqtrny2.jpg
Textures : textures/tequila/*
Extra LIGHT : Yes
Full VIS : Yes


Base : New
New Textures : Yes, see credits.
New Shaders : Yes, based on Q3 shaders.
Editor used : Q3Radiant (build 202)
Qutilities : Q3MAP
Other utilities : BSPC, Paintshop Pro, Pakscape, Eye Candy
Known Bugs : sparkles at irregular curves with fastsky on.


Thanx to the following for their custom textures/shaders: Than's Cesspit [HFX] Masterplan Kona

Thanx to Bill Brooks from Q-Workshop3 for beta testing.

Copyright / Permissions

You MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY use the custom textures/shaders. However, if you plan to use any
textures done by the folks mentioned in the credits, I strongly suggest
you download their full texture paks from their site and use those. I have
renamed stuff to avoid file name sharing, edited shaders to produce the
light values I need.. best you get them right from the source, and then
you'll get all their other great textures too.

You MAY distribute this map over the Internet.

You MAY NOT distribute this map in any other form without written permission
from the author.