Lair of Demons 1
Lair of Demons 1

---------------------------Author Info------------------------------------
Author: Adrian "Jammer" Perez
e-mail: **email removed**
Last Modified: 16 October 2000

----------------------------Map Info--------------------------------------
Map Name: Lair of Demons 1
Game Types: designed for 1 on 1 Tournament, but is also fine for:
Team Deathmatch and Free For All
Player Load: 2-4 players
Pak File Name: lod1.pak
Construction Time: about 4 days ( 2 designing, 2 building)
Base: None, started from scratch
Editor: Q3Radiant
Compile Time: 1 min., 27 seconds on a k6-2 450

As most Quake III players, I could only take so much of the stages that
came packaged with the game. Sure I regularly play those four
competition stages, but only to stay sharp. For fun, I was looking for
something different. I began downloading custom maps, but soon realized
that many map makers were designing their stages with looks as their top
priority. A few of them, like Jude, were designing with high fps in mind,
but they were few and far between. Given the lowly speed of my computer,
things were looking bleak. So, I decided to make a map myself. It
would have incredible gameplay, look good, and have a consistently high
fps. The task would not be easy.
I went back to DM4 and Q3DM13, two maps which I consider to be very
well built. DM4 was fast and furious, but at times became hectic, almost
chaotic ( though I know many out there see this only as a good thing :).
Q3DM13 was more methodical, but at times would play too slow. I decided
that a merge of the two might do the trick. I spent a few hours learning
Q3Radiant ( hence no shaders or curved patches). Luckily, I have been
doing maps for years (though I've never released any) so I caught on
pretty quick. It won't win any beauty pageants, but it's quite fun.

-------------------------------Neat Stuff---------------------------------
One thing I definately wanted to do with this stage was reward the skilled
player. As a result, there are many areas where things like strafe jumping
and rocket jumps can really help out. I've also thrown in a few trick
jumps, so stay sharp!

1. Quake III Arena
2. A computer capable of running Quake III Arena. On a k6-2 450, the stage
runs great.
3. cajones! ( Err, unless you're a female quaker, that is ;)

--------------------Installation and Usage--------------------------------
This stage should have come in a zip file. Unzip the file's contents into
the baseq3 folder within your Quake III folder. To play the stage, create
a multiplayer game and simply choose "lod1" from the list of stages. If it
doesn't show up in the list, go to the console (usually the ~ key), and
type: /map lod1
If neither works, then the possible reasons for the failure are so
vast, it boggles the mind.

-----------------------Legal Mumbo Jumbo----------------------------------
These are pretty much common sense, so I'll just run through them quickly.
1. This stage may not be altered in any manner without my prior approval.
That includes using the stage as a base for another stage. I started
from scratch, you can too.
2. The stage may be freely distributed. Spread it like a bad V.D. if you
wish, as long as every copy includes this text file as a seperate
file from the pak file. Zipping the two in one .zip file is allowed,
since they are still seperate files within the zip.
3. If you are thinking of including this stage in a pack or mod, be it
commercial or freeware, I must be notified and I must approve prior to
its release.

copyright (c) 2000 by Adrian Perez, all rights reserved.