a longer shadow
-----------------------------------------------------------------// 09.12.2000 ---

title : a longer shadow
file name : eFDATdm3.pk3

author : eFDAT
email address : **email removed** - I really appreciate feedback!

websites: : selfdestruction.purespace.de
selfdenial.online.de (for quake related stuff)

map description : A quite big map for two to six players. It's the
biggest map I've done up to now. I'm affraid it's
not perfect in every little detail, because I
wasn't completely inspired at the time.
But it's looking and playing quite fine anyway...
I hope you enjoy it and maybe drop me a line.

thanks : id, 1ke

---------------------------------------------------------------// construction ---

editor used : Quest
known bugs : Some areas that are a little weak in style - nothing
technical, though.
build time : 10 days
compile machine : p3/450
compile times : 50 seconds - bsp
260916 seconds - vis (ca. 72.5h)
2161 seconds - light (extra)
217 seconds - bspc

------------------------------------------------------------------// copyright ---

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