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the last place on earth
-----------------------------------------------------------------// 08.01.2000 --- title : the last place on earth file name : eFDATtourney1.pk3 author : eFDAT email address : **email removed** - I really appreciate feedback! websites: : selfdestruction.purespace.de selfdenial.online.de (for quake related stuff) map description : This again is a quite small map, but I think its proportions are perfect for the 'tourney' type of play. The action in this map is mostly vertical and fast. Oh... and I kept my promise: the map has a little more than 165 curved brushes. thanks : id, 1ke ---------------------------------------------------------------// construction --- editor used : Quest known bugs : none build time : 3 days compile machine : p3/450 compile times : 12 seconds - bsp 20989 seconds - vis (ca. 6h) 504 seconds - light (extra) 44 seconds - bspc ------------------------------------------------------------------// copyright --- You're allowed to redistribute this level via electronic media such as Internet, and free of charge. Any commercial use without a permission is prohibited.
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