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================================================================ Title : SpaceZone1 - Final Release PK3 Name : spacezone1.pk3 Date : July 4, 2000 Author : Bill Brooks Email Address : **email removed** Home Page : F.P.S. =fps.brainerd.net Still working on it so not much there now. Web Site : Quake III Shop=www.quake3stuff.com/quake3shop/ site is broken moving it to F.P.S Thanks to : id Software (of course), betatesters betatesters : phooka, Shroud, dur, snickelfritz, bnunz, ydoucare, crashmeplease, unitool, rockN79, claudec, QkennyQ Favorite sites for editing :Q-Workshop3=qw3.gamedesign.net/index.shtml Quake3World=www.quake3world.com Rust=www.gamedesign.net/ Revisions: Final Release -changed a few textures tweaked a few jump pads and made one platform larger. -claudec changed light textures so they look better at a distance Beta2 -snickelfritz revision of bounce pad thru hole -bnunz changed some amno and health placement -unitool changed texture under weapons -rockN79 added a bridge and made a few platforms larger aslo removed one teleporter Beta1 -unitool got rid of anarki from arena file he didn't work right ================================================================ * Play Information * Game : Quake 3 Bot Match : Route Included Deathmatch : yes up to 3 on midrange systems 5 or more on fast systems Capture The Flag : No * MAP Information * BSP Name : maps/spacezone1.bsp Shader Name : scripts/billspace.shader Textures : textures/billspace/* Extra Light : Yes VIS level 4 : Yes * Construction * Base : New Used Textures : Jump Pad textures from Kiltron at MeanArena=www.planetquake.com/meanarena/ New Textures : amno pads modifided Id texture New Shaders : amno pads used Id texture in shader Construction Time : way to long of and on three weeks Editor used : Q3Radiant (build 197) Qutilities : Q3me Other utilities : BSPC, Paint Shop Pro 5.5 * Copyright / Permissions * All original and composed textures in this level remain property of Bill Brooks All original and edited shaders in this level remain property of the sources respective owners. You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. You MAY use the textures and shaders but give credit where credit is due. You MAY distribute this PK3 in any electronic format (BBS, Internet, CD, etc) as long as you contact me first, include all files intact in the original archive, and send me a free copy (if it's a CD :) Thanks.
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