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**************************************** Title : mfspacedm3 Game : Quake III Arena (v1.16n or better if you want to use botinized ID guys) Add ons : none required Mods : none required Author : TheMic - Mike Fayol, aka Dialogue Author Email's : **email removed** Author Web Site's : www.michaelfayol.com Feedback : PLEASE SEND IT!! Release Date : June 3, 2000 Files : mfspacedm3.pk3, mfspacedm3.txt Maps : **************************************** * Description * Was the 2nd level for a space PAK. 4 tiers connected to each other in a step like format, small rooms to loot for items and a couple of small sniper spots. Lot's of fun, bot play is Very good, although from time to time they tend to fall off. **************************************** * Play Instructions * To play, use the game menu and select skirmish. Select Free for all (FFA) mode Select Mfspacedm3. The default bots for this level are the ID guys and gals; doom, visor, mynx, sarge, orbb and Anarki. I believe that you must have v1.16n or better to use this level with the ID bots. **************************************** * Tips * Uhhhh, good luck... : ) hehe, try to grab invisibilie quickly, then grab Quad Damage, at the same time, make sure that you have either the shotgun or the rocket launcher. Also, Don't forget about the Environmental suite and the plasmagun on the top and side platform, they do help!! **************************************** * Play Information * Game Modes : FFA 4-10 players Difficulty Settings : No New Sounds : No New Graphics : Yes - some custom textures Demos Replaced : None **************************************** * Credits * Everyone at the Gamedesign.net Forums - For helping a poor sole out with there experience and knowledge. Q-Workshop 3 site - for all the tutorials. SYLUM ENTERTAINMENT LTD. - for all the crazy ideas thrown my way and giving me the hardware to do the job right. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ **************************************** * INSTALLATION * Unzip mfspacemd3.zip and place mfspacedm3.pk3 and mfspacedm3.txt in baseq3 directory. **************************************** *Released levels by author ***** Quake III Arena ***** MFUNHOLY MFSPACEDM1 MFGOTHICDM1 **************************************** * Construction * Base : From scratch Construction Time : NA Editor Used : Q3Radiant v.197 * System * Dell Dimension XPS PII 450 128 MB Ram * Compile Data * N/A * Known Bugs * NONE * Design Philosophy and Discussion * I started on mfspacedm2 and that wasn't working out properly, I realised that I was going to have to start from scratch on that level so I decided to go straight to mfspacedm3, which was going to be a smaller level. It turned out that I had to add stuff to this level otherwise the level would be just horrible. It turns out that BOT play is very, very good and the item placement seems to have them flying around the level like freaks. Well that's it, happy fraggin' * Copyright / Permissions * Feel free to post and play this level. Please do not change any file associated with this level.
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