by Jack
This map is rather small, and flows well with about 4 to 6 players.
Any more and I believe it'd be just too crowded.

Installation: Put the qd.pk3 file to your \baseq3 directory and at console type "/map qd"

Author: Dan "Jack" Temple (great gimmick, eh? =)
Bugs in map: None.
Bots: Works best with Bitterman as one of the bots I've found. He likes jumpads.
E-Mail: **email removed**

Machine: Celeron 458, GeForce 256 SDR, 128mb Ram (I want mooore ram!)

Previous mapping expierience: Fooled around with Q2, but not much. Made a very playable HL single
player map. Made a semi finished CounterStrike map. But I began to loath World Craft so I stopped
both maps. I also lost the source (rmf file) map in a reformat, so that was discouraging too :-/

I spent a LOT of time (most of my time in fact, about 3/4) just picking textures and trying to
align them perfectly. Misaligned textures really bug me. Its quality not quantity that counts right?

I can't think of anything else to say. If you like my map or have any comments, get in touch with me.
I'm lonely :-) and always looking for pointers and ideas. But please don't just say "that sucked!"
and thats all.