Eighty Tons
Map Name: Eighty Tons
File Name(s): q3sdm9.bsp
Author: Mark "Shmitz" Major
E-mail: **email removed**
Compiler: Q3 Radiant
Game Type: Deathmatch, Teams
Players: 3-12 players
Version: 1.0

Comments: A Mech assembly plant and repair base, complete with reloading area,
re-painting bay, spare parts storage, and monitoring rooms for the mech
pilots. Complete with all weapons, haste powerup, yellow and red armor,
megahealth, personal teleporter, and medikit. Also, be on the lookout
for the massive weapons lock override (read: trigger) for the three
shoulder mount rocket launchers. Eat your hearts out Gundams.

Oh yeah, and I really suggest playing this map with the TEC mod. It
adds a whole new dimention to the gameplay on this map. =)

The garlic to keep the vampires away:
Feel free to distribute this map by any electronic means (internet,
CD, floppy, etc.) as long as it is FREE. You may not distribute this
map commercially without permision.