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Null And Void
by fKd
================================================================================ * QUAKE III ARENA LEVEL INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE : Null And Void FILENAME : q3dmp14.pk3 AUTHOR : Peter "fKd" Ward e-Mail : **email removed** HOMEPAGE : no home page DATE : 23/08/10 GAME PLAY TYPE : duel, 3-4 ffa team?? Default FOV : 90 why even put this here? hmmm good point! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL DESCRIPTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A dm map i've been playing around with. 23.8.10 - Added quad/regen teamed items. changed back to old sky with a trick which fixed teh seams issue! (yesss) ummm fixed abunch of other things tweaked jp destinations.. etc etc etc :D this could be final! been a fun map to make. 19.8.10 - still chipping away at it. gonna see if the changes go down well... 14.8.10 - well, this is looking better... right? :D enjoy 29.7.10 - well, this was built very quickly as an off shoot bonus extra for my map q3ctfp13 which is still in the works...(on going..) but then i really started having fun with it. was also very encouraged by the good helpful ppl from the www.quake3world.com level editing community. (your names will be in the credits at the end.) so anyway... one of the forum guys called cityy did a trick jump vid and posted it on you tube (http://www.youtube.c...tch?v=y3T9itIwMO0) this made me think about how fun that stuff looked. ....tbc or not heh.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHMATCH : SUGGESTED PLAYER LOAD : 6 max imo BOTS : doom, ranger, grunt.. you know the classics WEAPONS : Rocket Launcher, grenade launcher, Shotgun x2, Plasma Gun x2 Lightning Gun POWERUPS/ARMOR : YAx2, RA, MH, Regen, Quad, Personal Teleporter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CONSTRUCTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITORS USED : GTKradient 1.5 UTILITIES USED : Winrar, Q3Map2 Toolz, Notepad, Photoshop 6 KNOWN BUGS : dunno, item placement, bounce pads might not be final. lemming bots (esp on one of the higher pads for some reason.. (fixed maybe?) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * OTHER LEVELS BY THE AUTHOR * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quake III Arena : q3ctfp3 Quake III Arena : q3dmp4 Quake III Arena : q3dmp9 Quake III Arena : q3dmp11 Unreal Tournament : ctf-433 Unreal Tournament : ctf-sublevel17 then there are the mountains of maps from doom, duke 3d, quake, unreal ut, doom3... but most of these maps have been lost to hard drive crashes adandoned computers etc etc really too bad, lots of history gone to computer void :/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS OR INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just dump q3dmp14.pk3 into your baseq3 directory. (if you have a beta of q3ctfp13 delete it. the shaders will conflict Type /map q3dmp14 in the console. Or go to skirmish->CTF and select q3dmp13now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CREDITS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yves Allaire : Textures. http://www.evillair.net/v2/ Q3MAP2 : (www.shaderlab.com) Hipshot : skybox stuff Chaos : computerscreens etc And of course Id software -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * THANKS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All at quake3world.com, but these ppl for helping with the feedback (so god damn helpful around there ) in no order -Cityy -Sumatra -Shadow -Hipshot -Donkey -Anthem -Obsidian -Dichfux -Pat Howard -Monaster -Tabun and the long lost Shadowzombie gg all, keep on keeping on :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * COPYRIGHT/PERMISSIONS * Copyright 2010 by Peter "fKd" Ward. All rights reserved. This package may only be distributed by means of electronic transfer, free of any charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. All the files included in the original package must remain intact and unmodified. This package may not be distributed on any CD-ROM without the prior, explicit written consent of Peter "fKd" Ward. yo :D yeah, what?
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