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Nocturnal Convention
:: SF3DM1 - Nocturnal Convention :: =================================================================== Name: SF3DM1 Title: "Nocturnal Convention" Version: 2.0 Author: SwiFty Game mode: Tourney, Free for All, Team deathmatch Number of Players: 2 - 8 Textures: Socktex pack (from ospdm2) ASS file: Yes (default bots: Xaero, Sorlag, Major) =================================================================== Short note: Medium sized map for tourney matches. It would be also nice for small deathmatch. You could play on this map team deathmatch too. The most important disadvantage of this map is no hints, so FPS probably could be reduced even to 50 (on avarange computers). Map was styllized on classic Q3 maps (especially dm6 - on the curve, in the corner of the map, with MH). =================================================================== From author: The Players Clan site (for the moment inactive): clantp.prv.pl Biggest Q3 polish site in Poland q3arena.gry.wp.pl My e-mail: **email removed** Thx for: Szakal, Lukin (for critics) =================================================================== All right reserved - Swifty 2004 Poland - do not modify or change package container.
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