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Steel Plant (sp1)
I N F O ------- Title : Steel Plant (sp1) URL : http://www.expo-desi...s/steel_plant.zip Date of release : 27 february 2003 Files : steel_plant.pk3 steel_plant.txt Author : Kirk Barnes E-mail : **email removed** Homepage : http://id-games.narod.ru http://www.expo-design.ru/barnes Description : My Quake 3 Arena map #4. Steel plant theme, big map Game type : free for all Max players : 2-8 players deathmatch. Bot support : Yes New textures : No New models : No Known Bugs : No, but this map very cpu depend Base : New level. Editors used : GTKRadiant build 1.2.11 Compile used : Q3map2 build v2.3.32 Other Q3A maps by author : Tomb Arena - http://www.id-games.....ru/tombarena.zip Dueling Core - http://www.id-games.narod.ru/dc.zip Beyond The Cematery - http://www.id-games.narod.ru/btc.zip Build Time : 2 week Compile machine : P IV 1.8a / 1 Gb DDR RAM / Quadro DCC 64mb Compiling time : ~3,5 hour I N S T R U C T I O N S ------------------------ Unzip to "/quake3/baseq3" directory Run Quake 3 Arena, at the console type: map steel_plant L E G A L S T U F F -------------------- You can freely distribute this level, but please, do not remove this .txt file from the .zip or .pk3 archive. :: Kirk Barnes :: **email removed** icq 100295348
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