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Burnzdm2 - Apocalypse ==================================================== Title: Apocalypse File: burnzdm2.pk3 Author: Burnz with help of Moze Description: Small, quick map. ==================================================== Play Information CTF: no Tourney: no Deathmatch: yes TDM: yes Bot File (aas): no Other: no New Sounds: no New Graphics: yes New Music: no Player Load: 2 - 4 How to Play place burnzdm2.pk3 in your /baseq3/ folder choose it from the skirmish menu to play ==================================================== Original Construction Editor: GTK Radiant Know bugs: Bots do not work well. Build time: About 2 weeks. Compile time: 6 minutes Build PCs: Burnz: Pentium III 600, 256 RAM, ATI Radeon 32mb Moze: Tbird 1.4, 512 RAM, Geforce 4 Ti-4200 ==================================================== ==================================================== Credits Moze, for helping with small issues, and teaching me a lot along the way. ==================================================== ==================================================== Notes Map is a speed map, built around 2 weeks on and off. Some issues ARE present. ==================================================== ==================================================== Legal Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. ====================================================
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