Railing Box Remix
by [EK]
Railing Box Remix by [EK]

Tools: GtK Radiant 1.2.11
GTK Build

Suggested player load: 2-4

Sgt Ghost for the original Railing Box,
and the version for RA3,

As my first map, I enjoyed the concept of the Railing Box, The version for RA3 was perfect, but as it was an RA3 map, I couldn't use it in any instagib or skirmish gametypes. The other Railing Box was too cramped, only good for duels. Hence my desire for a combination of both.

Unzip the rboxv2.pk3 to your baseq3 directory, open Q3A, select either Single Player skirmish or Multiplayer, find "rvbox2" and frag away.
Railing Box Remix is bot compatible and runs fine in vanilla Q3A, but is geared for the Instagib129 mod.

Contact [EK]:
website: www.creative-wiring.com
email: **email removed** RE: Railing Box Remix