Boing! (CATQ3DM01)

Title . Boing!
Date . 1-26-2000
Filename .
Author . Sean Walton (Catalyst)
E-Mail . **email removed**
Home Page . TBA
Description . Quake 3 Arena Deathmatch Map

- Install and Play Instrutions -

Place "catq3dm01.pk3" in your Quake 3 Arena "baseq3" folder. The map will now show up in the in-game selection menus under "Free-For-All" and "Tourney" catagories. This map is best suited for 1-on-1 games but can handle upto four players sould you feel the need for a fragfest.

- Construction Info -

Editor Used . QERadient
Known Bugs . None that I found
Build Time . About three weeks on and off
Compile Time . somewhere between 4-5 hours (Full Vis/Extra Light)
Compile Machine . P2-350, 64 MB RAM

- Other Stuff -

This is my first completed attempt at Quake 3 Arena mapping so be gentle :) I would like to give credit to Jon Eriksson at for his *very* useful tutorials on Quake 3 Arena mapping, as well as the people of id Software formaking such a wicked game. And last but not least, please don't place this file or any part there of on a commercial product without my written consent. Do feel free to distribute this file electronically as you wish. Thank-you and have a nice day.