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roquefort - November 2001 ___________________ /general information\_____________________________________________________________________ Title : roquefort Filename : zipdm2.pk3 Author : Zippie (Joris Veerman) Email Address : **email removed** Description : 1on1 map or for small 3-4 player ffa's a bit experimental on patchmesh usage. Additional Credits to : kci, bal and especially nunuk for betatesting lunaran, senn and headhunters-3-team for textures spog for making gtkrad's curves system so nice nanospawn and aard for pushing me to finish it aardappel for this readme mould :) alcatraz for this ultra cool disclaimer everyone i forgot ____________ /Construction\_____________________________________________________________________________ Editor(s) used : gtkradiant photoshop notepad and mirc Known Bugs : no botfile Textures used : blu trim was made of a mix of Id silme and lunarans teleport textures senn's icey rocks from his quake3stuff map some concrete and trim's from the headhunters3 mod the floor texture from which i forgot where i got it from, srry about that...hope you dont mind Compile machine : amd 750 mhz, 128Mb Ram QBSP Time : 5 secs Light (-vlight) Time : about 10 minutes VIS Time : 4 secs ________________ /additional notes\_________________________________________________________________________ -this map has no botfile because bspc took 2 hours and then created a .aas that gave all kinds of errors. -i was kinda sadistic by releasing this testmap, kinda like unleashing a bucket of shit upon an unsuspecting player :) -mail me! :) ________________________________ /installation and play procedures\_________________________________________________________ put this file (zipdm2.pk3) in your baseq3 directory to install it to play press ~ to bring down the console and type: /map zipdm2 [enter] you can also select it in the skirmish menu in single player mode ____________ /general crap\_____________________________________________________________________________ <GrindSpire> IAGHT! <GrindSpire> THE TOENAILS! <GrindSpire> OH MY GOD! THE TOENAILS! <GrindSpire> CAN'T SLEEP! TOENAILS WILL GET ME! <GrindSpire> MUST FIND COFFEE! <GrindSpire> AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! <GrindSpire> THE TOENAILS! _______________________ /Copyright / Permissions\__________________________________________________________________ All original files in this pk3 are Copyright joris veerman, esq, 2001. All other textures, shaders and sound files remain property of their respective owners. All root materials bundled in this pak (raw textures, shaders, sound files) may not be used in the creation of other levels without due credit given to their owners. You may not use this level as a base to build additional levels without explicit permission of the author! Private individuals may however distribute this file via the internet for their personal use, and for the use of others. Packaging, repackaging, or distribution through other commercial means (even if not for profit, such as on a magazine CD) by any organization, corporate or partnership entity, is strictly forbidden without the express written permission of the author. This file, although created with reasonable care, is provided AS-IS and WITH ALL FAULTS. The author makes no warranties as to this file, and disclaims all express, implied, and statutory warranties of any kind, including (but not limited to) any warranties of merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose. zippie (joris veerman)
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