Game : Quake 3 Arena
Map Title : Headroom (V3)
Map Filename : headroom.bsp
Initial Release Date : Wednesday, March 7th, 2001

Author : Europa
E-mail : **email removed**
Author's Homepage : www.jjande.freeserve.co.uk/

Description : A small level - only four main areas and rather tight in some places so plenty
of opportunity to get caught out but also a few fine ambush areas- Camping may be
harder than you expect!

Map Development : V3 - Now a shader's missing, Arrgh! Only spotted after I had to reinstall Quake.
: V2 - After I played this level a couple of times I discovered it was impossible
to teleport to the platform in the lower level small room without falling off!
(Lack of beta testers, a fresh gamer is always welcome!)
Fixed this irritation and added fire-crackle & teleporter hum.
: Visit my website people. Any development maps have beta-test versions there.
Don't let this happen again! ;)



1) Extract headroom.pk3 into your quake3\baseq3\ directory
2) Start Quake 3 and access map via Skirmish menu
or bring down the console (Press the key below Esc) and type "/map headroom" at the console

* Construction Information *

Origin : New level from scratch
Editor used : Q3R
New textures : No
New sounds : No
Bot file : Yes
Game types : FFA / Tourney

* Copyright / Permissions *

Copyright (c) 2000 Fred the Oyster Productions.
This level may be electronically distributed only at no charge to the recipient, and may not
be modified in any way. This text file must be included with the level.

This level may be distributed on any commercial CD-ROM with prior, explicit consent
from Jon Wells unless offers of money or sexual favours have been made, in which case consent can be
assumed to have been given.