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The Longest CTF
by Gear
Title : The Longest CTF Name : GearCTF Author : Marc Roussel (Gear) Email : **email removed** Description : Quake III 1.27g CTF with 8 spawnpoints, 4 spawns for each team ------------- CONSTRUCTION ---------------- Editor : QERadiant 202 Build Time : 1 week Compile machine : PIII-500, GeForce 2 GTS, 256 megs ram Bots included : Yes and play fine Instruction : Put GearCTF.pk3 in 'baseq3' directory under your Quake III Arena directory. : start a multiplayer "CAPTURE THE FLAG" game ---------------- NOTES ---------------- The level was made for my clan GUTT and we've played a lot in there with lots of fun and I hope you'll get as much fun as we had. ENJOY GUTT : irc.enterthegame.com, #gutt : www.gunsunterthetable.com
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