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1,596 days : In Have you time ti check reviews?

Ah, yes. Hope to have some time for it this week. I have my eye fallen on the simple-maps .

1,599 days : In Maps not on ..::LvL

I love that map woa.
I was sure it was here on lvl ;)
Guess not

Here is a lovely map by Castle: genq1dm1
IMO one of his best:
a great remake

1,599 days : In ioq3ta-nailed mod & ioq3-instagib

For my own pleasure I made a Nailgun-only mod for Team Arena.
You can download it here:
(You'll need to have ioquake3 and Team Arena installed)

I also had problems finding an instagib mod based on the ioq3 source-code.
So i build one myself.
You can download ioq3-instagib here:
(you'll need to have ioquake3 installed)

Have fun with it and please report issues ;)

and fyi:
I made a poorly constructed nailgun-only mod almost 9 years ago.
The ghost of planetquake still has it for viewing

1,606 days : In OH NOES! It's THAT time of year (again) :D

After the deletion of all my files this morning, i started with installing ut3!
And then this great news of ..::LvL switching to UT. :D.

1,607 days : In Maps without Bot Support

I know how to make an .aas
I tried gor this map but the compiler quits due to errors in the map.
So sorry no bot file for this map.

1,647 days : In Maps not on ..::LvL

Updated the .zip files with the original .pk3's.
For a fix in atrocity i added an other .pk3 in the .zip and i added a .pk3 in the hektik.zip to add a .arena file. I also added a little .txt to credit the authors.
And that is the thing here on ..::LvL. map authors need to create a correct .zip with a .txt file to get their map accepted for review. Also Tig and a lot of visitors/users of ..::LvL are long-time and well known participants in the q3 community. Submitting a stolen map will come out. And i never noticed something ever happened like that here. All credit to Tig to create and maintain such a trustworthy map-database.
There are a few (slowly decreasing) amount of map-database/pubs that offer download support for q3 maps. Most of them only provide the .pk3 wich lack the .txt file that was in the original .zip (i personally don't mind, seen some of my own too...)
I don't see myself contacting map authors to submit there maps to ..::LvL.
Still i like to share some quality maps that are not here on ..::LvL
Thought it could be a nice topic.
Btw. Thanks Tig for having no problem with this. :D

Edited 3.25 hours after the original posting.

1,648 days : In Maps not on ..::LvL

Ah thanks for pointing out that these are repacks. I'll see if i can find the originals. (I only play offline so i have no issues with CRC checksums).
btw. I just wanted to share a great level i never saw before. I have no intention to discuss or to debate on the ..::LvL policy on map submissions...

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